Friday, 4 April 2014

In Stitches

In Stitches is the name of my new movie..

Now before anyone says:

"But, Eamonn, aren't you already involved with Thwart?"

Yes, I am. But I read somewhere that 'the only limits you have for success are the ones you place on yourself', so I figured I may as well stop limiting myself. And as I'm already writing the Film Script and the Short Story for Thwart, I thought---'What the heck!', if I can write one Film Script and one Short Story concurrently, why not write two Film Scripts and two Short Stories concurrently? Why not really get on-board with this multitasking..

So here I am I've commenced the Film Script for In Stitches. The story is about the antics that take place at an abandoned warehouse called 'The Clinic' which is choc-a-block full of hospital beds (old ones that were acquired very cheap as they were tossed on a junk pile because they were not 'modern enough' for today's flashy hospitals). Lying in these beds are dozens and dozens of these pitiful folk ('The Incurables') afflicted with a vast assortment of baffling terminal illnesses.

Around the warehouse there are video screens set up, and 24-hours a day comedy movies are being played---in an attempt to cure these 'Incurables'. And what is amazing is the cure success rates which are occurring. The amount of cures are quite astounding. These are happening left, right and centre. Now all this has become rather annoying--it is viewed as an awful threat--by the medical profession. Who are attempting all sorts of underhanded stunts to get 'The Clinic' shut down. The idea of people actually 'getting cured' of their maladies is something that is really off-putting for them and ruffling many (feathers) white coats. It is all quite sickening for them. It's affecting their bottom lines severely. Their wallets are taking a battering.

Anyway, that's the basic storyline.

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Loki said...

Couldn't you introduce therapy animals into the healing process? Without animals, life would, indeed, be grim.

Eamonn Gosney said...

Thank you for reminding me about this, Loki. Yes, being with animals certainly appears to impart a powerful therapeutic effect. I have been reading about it at Wikipedia: Animal-Assisted Therapy.
And feel it would be terribly remiss of me not to attempt to incorporate this beneficial effect into the story in some way.

Anonymous said...

A few decades ago I worked in an acupuncture clinic doing acupressure. An MD came in as a patient. He saw how others where thanking the acupuncturist in the clinic and started bad mouthing acupuncture. Nobody thanked him for his work in the hospital but here everybody thanked the acupuncturist. It was very eye opening about what the real goals of so called modern medicine is.

Celine Vousden said...

What a great idea for a story, how is it coming along?

Eamonn Gosney said...

Thanks for your kind words, Celine.
Actually, the development is proving to be quite an uphill slog. But now that I seem to have finally gotten my head in the right place, the remainder ought to be an all-downhill walk in the park.

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